Our Journey To Pulaski

Debbie and Keith Gibbons

My husband and I moved to Bucktown in 2005 from Wicker Park/Ukrainian Village with the intent that we would raise a family in our new home. We found our house on a slow sports Sunday, the dangers of just “seeing what’s out there”. We did not have any kids at the time but knew that area schools would be a strong consideration. I grew up in the north suburbs and went to public school; my husband grew up on the northwest side and went to private Catholic Schools. We both valued the education we received but our goal was a public education for our kids. Our house is a block from Drummond, we heard great things about the school (then a neighborhood program), and voila, we became Bucktown residents.

My Story

Bridget Brosnan

My story starts about 14 years ago when I started my career as a Hair Stylist at a salon in Bucktown/Wicker Park. Had you asked my 21-year-old self what I thought about the neighborhood schools, I would have given you a big “Why would I care?.” As the years went by though, and one baby later, my position at one of the fastest growing salons in Bucktown gave me the advantage to vet all the research my clients had been doing in the great “private vs. public school debate.”