Why Give to Friends of Pulaski (FOP)?

I understand that making a gift out of your own pocket for a public school may seem a bit odd. After all, don’t we pay taxes? Yes, we do and those taxes have provided us with a school that does offer our children a lot. But private philanthropic dollars through a gift can help give our children even more.

Think about it for a minute. Why do you give money or volunteer at your church or some other charity? I would venture the answer in some shape or form is because you believe in what that organization does. You believe that that organization will benefit from your philanthropy and the same is true with a gift to Friends of Pulaski.

I would also imagine that one of the organizations you care most about is the school your child goes to. So if you believe in giving to the organizations you care most about then really the question is not why give, but why haven’t I given yet?
I continue to imagine a few of the reasons why you have not and will offer up answers to each.

  • I don’t know how to give? — You can give with a credit or debit card through the FOP website or can make a check out to Friends of Pulaski and leave it at the Pulaski School Office. If you do make a gift through the website, I would encourage you to make a recurring monthly gift. It is a great way to have a greater impact without feeling it in your pocket book as much.
  • What will the money FOP raises be used for? — We work directly with the teachers and the principal to fund projects or needs of the school that are unmet by the current budget. We also look for projects that will impact all the students at Pulaski. It could be anything from beautification of the School and Campus to technology to programs. We are currently working with the Pulaski administration to purchase new technology to enhance the learning experience for every student.
  • I did not know about FOP or that they were the fundraising vehicle for Pulaski School. – FOP is a fairly new group that has already made significant contributions to Pulaski.  Hopefully by reviewing our website and talking to other parents, you now know about us and I encourage you to not only give financially but to attend our board meetings and volunteer your time in our initiatives.
  • I don’t have much to give. – Alone your gift may be small, but add to the gifts of hundreds of other parents and we start to make a sizeable impact. And you can spread your giving out over the year with recurring donations. Give monthly and a gift of $10 turns into $120 by year’s end! Get all of us parents chipping in this way and now we’re talking.

Please reach out and email me or any of the other FOP board members or join us at our next board meeting if you have any other questions. I’d be happy to chat and tell you all about FOP!

I know we all care and believe in Pulaski. We, as parents, understand we need to participate in our children’s education and a gift to FOP is just another way to do this. Private gifts from you, other parents, and the greater Pulaski community can truly make a very good school great! Please consider joining us in making Pulaski an even GREATER school for our children.

Laura Stein